WORLD Dear 2019: A Telegram From The Future

Dear 2019: A Telegram From The Future


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Dear 2019,

I know currently, you’ve had some rugged years. You’ve had heatwave after heatwave, and the world just isn’t moving rapid enough to try and limit the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Although you’ve known about the change in climate, and the effects of greenhouse gases, for over a century, actually restricting carbon has so far been a token effort at best.

You’re recently on a cliff face; another some years of business as usual, and you’d be looking at huge losses of wildlifehomes, and even human beings.

I know you’re already seeing some of the big tolls the heat is having on the Earth.

In any case, Earth is more joined than you might suspect. A large portion of the world knows about environmental change and numerous individuals are terrified about how it will influence you in to what’s to come.
All expectation isn’t lost.
What you’re feeling has been working for various years, and you’re on the cusp of something extraordinary.

After a particularly terrifying IPCC report and continual protests across the planet, world leaders finally acknowledged that they can’t continue with burning fossil fuels the way you were.

Our little blue marble (and everything that lives there) relied upon it.

With fast changes beginning in Europe and emanating outwards, renewables were embraced with expanding productivity.

The innovation wasn’t flawless, to begin with, yet with venture and research, it continued showing signs of improvement. Before long our planet was fueled with a mix of wind, sun, hydro, and some atomic power.

With this push, people figured out how to hold temperatures under 2 degrees of warming, if just by a smidge.

The Paris contract, which everyone thought would be a disaster, actually came to fruition.

The last coal plant closed in 2068 – it’s now long been a relic, like the steam engine or telephone box.

Our vehicles are controlled with hydrogen gas, and over the world, the air we inhale now is the cleanest it’s been since the mechanical insurgency.

In any case, even with just two degrees of warming, there were still a great deal of issues to manage. We lost whole islands because of the ocean level ascent, and there were enormous quantities of atmosphere evacuees. We lost species after species and an enormous piece of the Great Barrier Reef.

In any case, without the quick changes made during the 2020s, the circumstance would have been calamitously more awful.

Your kids and grandkids thank you for that.

Presently, in the year 2089, there are different issues and battles. Indeed, even the future people aren’t great. However, we glance back at the manner in which you took care of environmental change as a guide and model.

You can do it. We’re all pulling for you.




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