White Nationalist Rep. Steve King Posts Violent Meme About New Civil War

steve king

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), who has a long history of touting white patriotism, has taken his image amusement to a rough new dimension.

The disrespected official ― who was unceremoniously deprived of all his House advisory group assignments this year for past white patriot talk ― shared a realistic that envisioned “another common war,” this time among red and blue states.

“One side has around 8 trillion slugs, while the opposite side doesn’t know which washroom to utilize,” states the image, shared on one of King’s checked Facebook pages.

“Marvel who might win…” included King, clearly not seeing that his home state was delineated on the losing side.

The image has since been expelled from his Facebook page. Lord’s office did not promptly react to HuffPost’s ask for input.

Twitter clients got out King for sharing the picture:



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