Privacy Policy

Your protection is very important for Stories Mag. We regard any data we gather from you and are quick to educate you concerning how your information is utilized. You can discover all the data about your information in this policy.

Last Updated: Dec 2, 2019.

1. About us and our privacy policy

Stories Mag composes this policy for all users of its site and some other administrations. Wherever this policy specifies Stories Mag or ‘We,’ it alludes to Stories Mag and the majority of its administrations. When it refers to ‘You,’ ‘User(s)’ or ‘Viewer(s),’ it alludes to any and everybody making utilization of our administrations. We claim all authority to roll out improvements to this policy whenever, and users must assume the liability to keep themselves refreshed by routinely visiting this page (however enrolled users will be advised of changes by means of email); proceeded with utilization of our administrations will be viewed as equivalent to consent to the terms of this privacy policy.

This policy covers just our very own items and benefits and does not have any significant bearing to outer sites we may connect to. We have no influence over and assume no liability for the information use of outsiders we don’t claim; their privacy practices and strategies must be independently gotten to.

2.  Information we collect from users.

Stories Mag may gather the accompanying data from you:

Individual information that straightforwardly recognizes you (alluded to in this policy as Direct Data). Stories Mag does not require any guest to enroll as a compulsory piece of utilizing its administrations. Nonetheless, users have the alternative of enrolling with us for increased comfort and extra administrations. For the situation that a user is enrolled with us, we may request your information, including your name, email address, statistic data, inclinations, and interests. Users can decide not to give us this data. However, this will hinder the enlistment. We gather this data just to enhance our administrations as indicated by your inclinations, or to refresh you – with your assent – with updates about our items and administrations. Individual user information is sheltered with Stories Mag and isn’t imparted to any outsiders.

Log information that in a roundabout way distinguishes you (alluded to in this policy as Indirect Data). When you visit our site, we consequently get data about your internet browser, web convention (IP) address, geo-area, time zone, perusing gadget, and working framework. We may likewise get standard user conduct information given by your program and treats (see Section 7) and your connected web-based social networking. This may incorporate online conduct, including the pages you visit, your substance inclinations, and your cooperation with promotions. This is known as non-distinguishing or log information, since it doesn’t recognize you as a man, yet discloses to us your identity as an Internet user. This consequently got data will rely upon the privacy approaches of the related outsiders, for instance, the internet-based life sites you utilize or the maker of your gadget or working framework.

Area information. We may gather topographical area information. This discloses to us where you are based, including your nation, your city, and your dialect inclination. The gathered geo-information might be gathered to other data naturally got from you.

Money related information. If you purchase Stories Mag – or through Stories Mag in case you use an affiliate link for shopping – we may collect financial information and transactional data. Payments are processed through a secure connection, and related information is obtained only for payment details and records, and is not shared with third parties.

3. How we collect data

All data is gathered through legitimate means, and dependable with the user’s assent. You are likewise allowed to decline our solicitations to gather data from you, however, this may render us unfit to give you a few or the majority of our administrations.

Direct data. We get immediate data when you enlist with us, buy into your administrations or bulletins, effectively select in for advertising and updates, distribute remarks on our posts, participate in overviews, make buys from or through us, or get in touch with us for user bolster or something else.

Automatically gathered data. Previously mentioned backhanded data (see Section 2.2) is gathered consequently when you communicate with any of our administrations.

Outsider information. Outside sources may give us your own or log information. These may incorporate commercial systems, investigation suppliers, and subsidiary accomplices.

Social media information. When you get to our site through an online networking profile like Facebook, we will naturally gather certain open data, similar to your name, show photograph, email address, and Facebook ID. This is as per Facebook’s strategies and in addition to your Facebook privacy settings.

4. How we store your data

All information is put away where we work (USA), and in addition wherever our accomplices and members work. By proceeding to utilize our administrations, you agree to your information being exchanged between lawful accomplices situated inside various wards.

5. How we protect your data

Information maintenance. We hold the majority of this information just until the point when we require it to give an administration or utilize it to enhance future administrations. For whatever length of time that information is put away, it is secured with full responsibility. In the event that your information is never again required, some of it might at present be held – albeit completely secretly – exclusively for our exploration and execution record purposes.

Information guarding. We utilize all industrially satisfactory and reasonable intends to avert misfortune, robbery, unapproved access, duplicating, or change of information. Be that as it may, no technique for on the web and electronic stockpiling and use is 100% protected and secure, and we can in this way not ensure outright and finish security and no information breaks. On the off chance that a rupture occurs, users will be advised as legitimately required. In addition, Stories Mag does not offer or lease, and never has sold or leased, individual user information to any outsiders or advertisers.

Restricted access. Stories Mag representatives, specialists, and outsiders have restricted access to your information and can get to just what is required when it is required. Everybody who imparts information to us is liable to legitimately encouraging privacy.

Information expulsion. In the event that you wish for your information to be erased because of security concerns or on the off chance that you feel like it is not any more significant in light of the fact that you choose to quit utilizing our administrations, you may get in touch with us to expel it from our framework. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you choose to continue the use of our administrations, information will be gathered and utilized as determined in this policy.

Nothing unless there are other options made reference to information is freely or separately uncovered, however, we may share unknown and collected renditions of this information. This may incorporate execution reports, site measurements, utilization patterns, and so forth.

6. How we use your data

Stories Mag guarantees that every single gathered datum is utilized just for purposes clarified in this privacy policy. In the event that the information is utilized for some other purposes, users will be told of the reason and the lawful grounds requiring the utilization. We, by and large, utilize the acquired information, including both specifically distinguishing and by implication recognizing data, to comprehend who our users and guests are, the means by which they utilize our administrations, and what they incline toward with respect to our administrations. This is then used to enhance the user experience of our administrations. Coming up next are particular ways Stories Mag utilizes your own and log information:

To perceive and break down conduct. Information that in a roundabout way recognizes you, through log data and treats, might be utilized to break down your online conduct and to ascribe it to you as an individual web user. This may then be utilized to make your favored substance more noticeable and open to you. Your utilization of Stories Mag’s administrations might be added to this conduct information to additionally give consequently tweaked substance.

To recognize and break down input. In the event that you leave remarks on our site, post audits, or straightforwardly contact our user bolster, we may utilize your own information, including your name and email address, to break down individual criticism and to connect with you, if necessary.

To give you benefits enlisted for. Coordinate information might be utilized to convey to you the administrations you have agreed to accept. This may incorporate pamphlets, notices, and other membership material. You may likewise be reached if there should be an occurrence of money related exchanges did with Stories Mag, for the reasons for affirmation, handling, and post-buy data and administrations.

To convey about administrations, updates, and directions. Coordinate information might be utilized to furnish you with data about our administrations, updates to our arrangements, and any progressions or increments to controls that identify with your utilization of our administrations. Stories Mag is lawfully required to give data about changes to approaches and directions, however, data about our administrations might be quiet.

To convey limited time content. Coordinate information might be utilized to convey limited time content we accept might hold any importance to you. This may incorporate offers on our substance and different administrations, rebates on our items, or different sweepstakes, prize draws, rivalries or challenges keep running on our sites or applications. You may withdraw from getting special substance whenever.

To distribute and tailor content and different administrations. Immediate and aberrant information from users, both independently and accumulated, might be utilized to examine Stories Mag’s substance and different administrations, with the end goal to enhance them for users. This is a persistent procedure since user conduct like the pages visited, time spent on specific pages, articles or promotions tapped on, and items bought, all furnish us with data on what users get a kick out of the chance to see and best react to.

To benefit and investigate commercials. Your circuitous information might be utilized to tailor promotions to you. Coordinate information may likewise be utilized, for instance, when you have tapped on certain special material in messages, or have actually reached us with criticism. Information and conduct identified with notices might be imparted to our promoting accomplices, web search tools, or between advertisement systems.

To process requests and gather cash owed to us. If there should be an occurrence of monetary exchanges, your budgetary information is utilized to process and check your requests, monitor them, gather cash from you, and do post-buy conventions. This data might be shared among us and member accomplices you may make buys from, however, it isn’t imparted to some other gatherings, nor is it utilized by us or our accomplices for any reasons other than finishing and recording your budgetary exchanges.

7. Who we share data With

Your information, both immediate and backhanded, is secure with Stories Mag. All data shared is indicated in this area. Except if generally expressed, no other data is shared or conveyed in any way. By and large, just backhanded information is imparted to outsiders, except if generally determined in this area. Coordinate information isn’t shared, and won’t be shared except if the conditions are remarkable and express substance is gotten.

Stories Mag substances. Your immediate and backhanded information might be shared between Stories Mag’s sites, applications, and web-based life pages. This does exclude any elements or organizations not enrolled under Stories Mag

Information preparing outsiders. Information is imparted to outsiders who process information for your benefit. This incorporates information investigation, promotion systems, and research and showcasing administrations. Coordinate information might be imparted to Google Analytics and Google AMP User ID API. For additional data on the last mentioned and to figure out how to control Google’s utilization of your information, if you don’t mind check Google’s Privacy Policy.

Permitted outsiders. Information might be imparted to outsiders that you have effectively assented to impart your information to. This may incorporate connected records, online life accounts, subsidiary sites, or some other gatherings effectively looking for data to utilize your information put away with Stories Mag. Coordinate showcasing messages might be conveyed to you by outsiders, for instance, a subsidiary accomplice, and you ought to have the capacity to quit these. It ought to be noticed that immediate advertising from outsiders will subject you to their own privacy approaches.

Distributed user content. On the off chance that you distribute any remarks on Stories Mag, you naturally share your own information – including your username and email address, if open – with all watchers. These remarks might be distributed on numerous stages, including our web-based social networking pages and applications, and will be obvious to all users except if generally expressed.

Mergers and exchanges. If Stories Mag is sold or exchanged or chooses to converge with another organization, your information will be imparted to the new proprietors. Enrolled users will be told of this change by means of email. New proprietors may have the capacity to utilize your information as specified in this privacy policy, except if it is changed or refreshed.

Legitimate sharing. We may share any of your information, without your assent, if we are required to do as such by law implementation. In any case, this might be done after our investigation and assent. For instance, we may uncover data where it is straightforwardly depended upon for somebody’s wellbeing, wrongdoing counteractive action, or forestalling other unscrupulous and additionally unlawful movement. we will deny government or law implementation demands in the event that they are inconsequential to expressed purposes, request pointless data, or damage Stories Mag’s rights as well as property.

8. International transfer of EU data

Information preparing and utilization may require for the data of EU users – characterized as those living in the European Economic Area (EEA) – to be exchanged and handled globally. Outsiders that information is imparted to may likewise be based outside the EEA. At whatever point this exchange happens, Stories Mag guarantees information is secured as reliably and entirely as it is inside the EEA. We guarantee our outsiders pursue our assurance measures and esteem your data and legitimate rights as much as we do.

9. Cookie Policy

Stories Mag gathers user action data through little information content documents known as ‘treats’. These documents are put away from sites you visit on your PC’s hard drive and are then transmitted back at whatever point you visit these sites once more. This enables a site to recognize you as a one of a kind returning user. Stories Mag stores and uses treat with the end goal to comprehend your utilization of our site, and to furnish you with the substance more qualified to your inclinations.

You may impair treats through your program or outer apparatuses and additional items. Notwithstanding, impairing treats implies you will most likely be unable to get to the majority of our highlights, items, and administrations. We recommend you keep treats dynamic since these are utilized altogether to upgrade user encounter. Following are the kinds of treats, and other comparable web advancements, utilized by Stories Mag.

Crucial and utilitarian cookies. These are records that are critical to your experience of our administrations and let us empower essential highlights by remembering you as a one of a kind user. They permit highlights like logins, user administration, shopping baskets, installment preparing, and so forth. They additionally recall your decisions when you peruse, for instance, recollecting login points of interest or auto-filling frames for you.

Session cookies. These recall you amid the time you spend on our site in one nonstop session. They are erased when you log out or close your program.

Analytics cookies. While investigation following treats doesn’t recognize singular guests, they furnish us with totaled data and normally incorporate the number of guests to our site, regardless of whether they are new or returning users, the time spent on particular pages, different pages visited, and other related data. These are utilized by Stories Mag and additionally all other outsiders, similar to Google Analytics, that utilization information for investigation purposes. They enable us to oversee and enhance our execution and in addition the highlights of our site, and enable us to successfully screen, review, research, report and react.

Social media cookies. These are utilized at whatever point you collaborate with Stories Mag’s substance via web-based networking media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These are recorded by online life sites and may then be sent to Stories Mag

Consent cookies. These are utilized for agree devices added to our site to recognize and oversee user inclinations.

Advertising Cookies. Enabling us to track and dissect your perusing propensities, these treats reveal to us which ads you are well on the way to cooperate with. They utilize your perusing history and afterward amass you with users with comparative interests, in the long run adding you to a specific advertisement focused on gathering. They may likewise store your IP address, in order to demonstrate you promotions identified with your area, wherever conceivable. At long last, they indicate your items and administrations that you are probably going to be occupied with.

Third party cookies. Promotion accomplices and member accomplices may likewise utilize treats to gather data from you. These treats are then used to benefit customized promotions both on Stories Mag and in addition on the sites of the said member accomplices.

Flash cookies. These are put into the Adobe Flash module and are utilized to naturally empower the Flash component when you return to our site, given that you have beforehand given us the authorization to run it.

Pixel labels. A web innovation like treats, pixel labels are little realistic documents that permit us, and outsiders like promotion systems, to record and gather user data. They gather the IP address, the page visited, length of the visit, and the program that visited the page. They may likewise reveal to us the connections you clicked and different moves you made while utilizing our site. They at that point empower us to break down this data to both record patterns and serve applicable promotions.

To find out about treats in more detail, we recommend you educate yourself through AllAboutCookies.

10. User rights and responsibilities

Notwithstanding being completely educated about information use through this policy, all user is qualified for lawful rights they may practice over their own information.

Appropriate to ask for access and additionally exchange. Whenever you may approach us for a duplicate of the whole information we have identified with you. We will furnish you with a duplicate of individual information and will give data on how it is being prepared. You may likewise ask for your information to be exchanged to an outsider.

Appropriate to ask for an adjustment. On the off chance that any data about you in erroneous, defective or inadequate, you have the privilege to ask for us to adjust it.

Appropriate to pull back assent or potentially ask for eradication. For all handling that happens after dynamic assent, you may pull back assent whenever. For information that is put away and prepared without dynamic assent, proceeded with use of the site is viewed as assent. You may stop utilization of our administrations in the event that you wish to. You may likewise ask for us to erase every one of your information put away with it.

Ideal to question/confine handling. You can question us handling your information, however, our legitimate articulation and conditions may supersede your opportunities in the event that you keep on utilizing our administrations. You may ask for us to stop utilizing your own information for direct showcasing purposes. Furthermore, you may ask for us to limit handling your information. This is conceivable in various cases: in the event that you have protesting the preparing and we are deciding if your complaint abrogates our terms, if the information we have is incorrect, if handling of your information is unlawful as an outstanding case, or on the off chance that we never again need to hold your information. If there should be an occurrence of confinement, your information isn’t prepared any longer, however, isn’t deleted.

You may practice these rights or get in touch with us with privacy questions or protestations, by messaging us at [email protected]