Payless Pranks Fashion Influencers With Fake Luxury Shoe Brand Called ‘Palessi’

It sounds like an “SNL” sketch.


The minimal effort shoe retailer Payless ShoeSource pulled one over on design influencers when it assumed control over a previous Armani store in Santa Monica, California, different outlets revealed.

The trick happened this fall when powerful online networking fashionistas were welcome to look at the hidden Payless spring up, which the organization named “Palessi.”

Extremely extravagant sounding.

“We needed to accomplish something provocative. We needed to get Payless over into the social talk,” Doug Cameron, the author of DCX Growth Accelerator, which made the battle, revealed to The Washington Post.

What’s more, sufficiently certain, these influencers seem to have been totally tricked, applauding the top of the line look and nature of shoes set apart as high as $1,800, however, which ordinarily retail for $20 to $40, as indicated by the Post.

When the participants obtained their shoes, nonetheless, they were taken into a back room where the trick was uncovered, and they were given the shoes for nothing.

Bravo, Payless. Bravo.

The following are some photographs from the night reported on Payless’ Palessi Instagram account.

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Shopping the night away at the Palessi Pop Up! #palessi

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The line to get in to Palessi’s Los Angeles pop up party!

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Los Angeles pop up! #palessi

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