Donald Trump Reaction To Christine Blasey Ford – Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

The president has Publicly safeguarded his Supreme Court nominee and lashed out at Christine Blasey Ford since she opened up to the world about her rape claim.

Donald Trump
U.S. Trump Addresses Joint Session of Congress - Washington, U.S. 28/02/17 - U.S. President Donald Trump yells to someone in the crowd as he walks past the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff following his address to Congress. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

President Donald Trump tweeted his support of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Thursday after Kavanaugh affirmed before the Senate Judiciary Committee to address Christine Blasey Ford’s affirmation that he explicitly struck her.

The president Donald Trump was detectably quiet on Twitter all through the daylong hearing, amid which both Blasey and Kavanaugh offered weepy declaration.

Promptly after the hearing finished, Donald Trump called Kavanaugh’s declaration “intense, legitimate and riveting,” while at the same time calling Blasey’s allegations part of a political strategy by Democrats.

He resounded Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who amid the hearing went on a sudden digression about Blasey’s claims being a “sham” leveled by Democrats on the board of trustees.

“I could never do to them what you’ve done to this person,” Graham shouted. “This is the most unscrupulous sham since I’ve been in legislative issues.

What’s more, on the off chance that you extremely needed to know reality, you beyond any doubt as damnation wouldn’t have done what you’ve done to this person.”

Thursday’s listening ability was a basic minute for the Me Too development, depending on whether U.S. government officials trust ladies like Blasey and Kavanaugh’s other affirmed casualties, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick; regardless of whether affirmations of rape can or should influence a Supreme Court affirmation; in the case of standing up against ground-breaking men is justified regardless of the unavoidable backfire.

It was nothing unexpected that Donald Trump tolled in about the hearing. He’s openly protected Kavanaugh and lashed out at Blasey since she opened up to the world about her assertion that Kavanaugh constrained himself on her at a gathering in secondary school.

In a Twitter tirade a week ago, Donald Trump asked why Blasey never called the cops (casualties of assault and rape infrequently do) and why no one connected with the FBI (assumed). He blamed Democrats for playing a “con amusement” and making “fraudulent allegations.” He said Kavanaugh was “an outright diamond” who had been “dealt with unjustifiably.”

The president additionally contended that Ramirez “has nothing” against Kavanaugh in light of the fact that “She was completely botched up. She concedes she was smashed.” Ramirez blamed the candidate for pushing his penis in her face when they were first year recruits at Yale in the ’80s.

Trump has said little in regards to Swetnick, who expressed in a sworn affirmation before Thursday’s listening ability that Kavanaugh and others in his circle would spike drinks at gatherings and “target” specific ladies in participation. Swetnick said she was assaulted at a gathering where Kavanaugh was available.

Trump’s swipes at Kavanaugh’s informers exhibit why numerous casualties don’t share their accounts of strike or look for help. Blasey’s dearest companions have said she was reluctant to approach with her story since she dreaded these exceptionally assaults.

Regardless of being compelled to fight with the president on the web and continue dangers and provocation, Blasey reported on Sunday that she would in reality affirm about her allegations against Kavanaugh.

“We focused on pushing ahead with an open hearing,” composed Blasey’s legal advisors in an announcement. “Regardless of real dangers to her security and her life, Dr. Portage trusts it is essential for Senators to hear straightforwardly from her about the rape submitted against her.”


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