Cesar Sayoc ‘Found A Father In Trump,’ Family Attorney Tells Anderson Cooper

He “was attracted to Trump reaching out to these Kinds of outsiders ... telling them that it’s okay to get angry,” said Ron Lowy.


A lawyer for the group of bomb speculates Cesar Sayoc said in a CNN talk with Friday that the pained Florida man “found a dad in Donald Trump.”

Sayoc, 56, was captured Friday and accused of five government violations. He’s associated with sending letters bombs to 14 Democratic political figures and different focuses of the president’s unforgiving assaults. The van he was evidently living in was put with photographs of Trump and star Trump trademarks.

“This was somebody lost,” lawyer Ron Lowy revealed to Anderson Cooper on CNN Friday.

He said Sayoc was “relinquished by his dad” and was urgently looking for a personality. He “was searching for anything and he found a dad in Trump,” said Lowy. Sayoc had never been politically dynamic until Trump’s crusade for the administration, said Lowy, who spoke to Sayoc in the past on different criminal allegations.

It’s “my assessment that he was pulled in to the Trump equation of connecting, Trump contacting these kinds of untouchables, individuals who don’t fit in, individuals who are furious at America, disclosing to them they have a place at the table, revealing to them that it’s alright to get irate,” said Lowy. “I trust that was a propelling component.”

Lowy likewise said that when he collaborated with Cesar Sayoc “I started to understand that he had what I thought about a lesser IQ, considerable enthusiastic issues. He resembled a 14-year-old in a grown-up’s body. He didn’t act like a typical person. He wasn’t chipping away at all barrels.”

This is a “miserable consequence of somebody who’s extremely debilitated, who didn’t get the assistance, turned into a maverick, and after that found a reason that embraced and acknowledged these kinds of individuals,” he included.

Lowy said Sayoc did not give off an impression of being complex enough to do the bombing activity alone. “I wouldn’t be amazed to discover there where it is possible that other people who helped push or urge him to do either the bombs were so roughly made they never could have worked.”

Cesar Sayoc “distressed” family are “straightforward, white-collar class individuals who have endeavored to make a decent notoriety, a great name for themselves,” said Lowy, who noticed that shielding the associated plane against the full power with the national government would bankrupt them. He has instructed that Sayoc utilize the workplace with respect to the government open protector.

Look at whatever is left of Lowy’s bits of knowledge in the video above. He shows up on the tape starting at 10:30.


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