Donald Trump Denies $1 Million Pledge Over Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test


Since the representative has discharged proof of her Native American legacy, the president Donald Trump seems to have forgotten his pledge.

One more day, another broken guarantee from President Donald Trump.

Trump said in July that he would give $1 million to any philanthropy chosen by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) in the event that she took a DNA test demonstrating she had a Native American progenitor. (Here he is stating that on record.)

Warren did only that on Monday, discharging the consequences of a test that “unequivocally bolster the presence of an unadmixed Native American progenitor” six to 10 generations back. Her philanthropy of decision: the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, a charitable that looks to shield local ladies from abusive behavior at home.

Instead of making good on the deal, however, Donald Trump denied ever making the offer:

The president told columnists at the White House on Monday that he never offered to give the $1 million and expelled the test outcomes themselves.

“Who cares?” he asked logically.

On the off chance that anybody should mind, it’s Trump. The president has as often as possible ridiculed Warren for asserting she has a Native American progenitor and demeaningly has alluded to her as “Pocahontas” ― even at an occasion respecting the endeavors of Native Americans in World War II.

The National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center joins a not insignificant rundown of causes and charities Trump has utilized as a prop however not added to. New York state assesses authorities opened an examination concerning the Trump Foundation in July, blaming Trump for abusing altruistic assets for emphatically noncharitable purposes, for example, burning through $10,000 on a representation of himself and taking care of battle costs.


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