Florida Yoga Studio Shooting Suspect Was A Far-Right Misogynist

Scott Beierle, 40, ranted about the “collective treachery” of women on his YouTube page.


The man who police say strolled into a Tallahassee, Florida, yoga studio and opened fire on Friday evening was a self-recognized misanthrope who raved against ladies and regurgitated bigot convictions in recordings and melodies posted on the web.

Tallahassee police say, Scott Beierle, 40, shot six individuals, slaughtering two of them, and hit another with his firearm in the wake of acting like a supporter of the studio. The ladies murdered were Dr. Nancy Van Vessem, 61, and Maura Binkley, 21.

Some at the studio endeavored to stop the shooter as he terminated, police say.

Beierle presented a few recordings on a YouTube direct in 2014 that painted himself as the casualty of “foul play” by numerous individuals of the “females” he has needed to “court.”

BuzzFeed News was first to provide details regarding the shooter’s internet-based life nearness Saturday.

“The individuals who take part in unfairness will, at last, be its casualties,” Beierle said in a video titled “The Rebirth of My Misogynism.”

At different focuses, he names young ladies and ladies he has known since eighth grade, griping about their “aggregate unfairness” and saying they can “legitimize anything on the off chance that you affront their sensibilities.”

Beierle bemoaned in a video titled “The Dangers of Diversity” what he saw as the ascent of “nonnatives” in the U.S. what’s more, commended countries that look after one “ethnic character.” In a video, he named “The American Whore,” Beierle said interracial connections were “a treachery of blood,” and that ladies in them have a psychological instability.

It was vague Saturday evening whether YouTube had suspended the record. Beierle additionally had a SoundCloud account that is as yet dynamic. On it, he posted melodies with verses depicting savagery against ladies, with one tune, griping about “the young lady I can’t get in the sack,” posted only hours previously the shooting.

The shooter took his very own life at the yoga studio before police arrived. Police still can’t seem to formally reveal a rationale in Friday’s shooting.

Court records seen by The Associated Press demonstrate that Beierle had already been captured for grabbing ladies from behind, and was once restricted from Florida State University’s grounds.

Through his recordings, he seemed to recognize as an “incel,” shorthand for “automatically chaste,” a sexist name utilized essentially on the web to depict men who can’t persuade ladies to engage in sexual relations with them. In one video seen by BuzzFeed, Beierle apparently said he identified with Elliot Rodger, the man who composed a statement itemizing his contempt of ladies before setting out on a shooting frenzy in California, where he executed six individuals. In the “Misogynism” video, he talked about a lady who continued dropping and rescheduling dates, saying he “could have ripped her take off.”

Beierle, a military veteran, additionally talked irately about the possibility that ladies can squeeze charges for his being “forceful” in his quest for ladies, which he considered a run of the mill “male trademark.”

“Would I be able to squeeze charges for being equivocal?” he inquired.

Beierle likewise discussed another arrangement of ladies who turned down his welcome to a show, going about just as he were qualified for sentimental consideration.

“I’m endeavoring to carry on with my life here. You’re not helping,” he said of the ladies.

The Tallahassee occurrence seems, by all accounts, to be the second incel-related mass homicide in 2018, after a man killed 10 individuals in Toronto by driving a van into a pack in April.


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