U.S. Islamic Council Calls On Advertisers To Boycott Fox News Until Jeanine Pirro Is Fired

The Council on Islamic-American Relations criticizes “Judge Jeanine’s” “long history of Islamophobic hate rhetoric.”

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The Council on Islamic-American Relations approached sponsors Monday to blacklist Fox News until the system tomahawks have Jeanine Pirro.

The call comes only days after Pirro’s Saturday night program, “Equity With Judge Jeanine,” was yanked by Fox after she said in the past scene that the hijab worn by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) might be “contradictory to the Constitution.” truth be told, the Constitution ensures the privilege of free articulation of religion.

It’s not clear what Pirro’s future is on the system. Fox has wouldn’t remark on “inside planning matters,” however it prior issued an announcement “emphatically” censuring Pirro’s announcement.

CAIR, the biggest Muslim support and social equality assemble in America, is additionally calling for sponsors to request that Fox drop Tucker Carlson in the wake of uncovered audiotapes of the news have making bigot and chauvinist remarks on a radio program. A few publicists have effectively relinquished the program.

“Fox News should obviously express that Jeanine Pirro won’t be permitted back reporting in real time after her long history of Islamophobic despise talk, and the system should likewise make comparative move against other Islamophobic has like Tucker Carlson,” Nihad Awad, CAIR’s national official executive, said in an announcement gave to HuffPost. “Every single existing sponsor should drop their advertisements on Fox News to guarantee that they are not related with the advancement of abhor.”

No less than four sponsors — Botox-producer Allergan, online commercial center Letgo, individual account organization NerdWallet and pharmaceutical organization Novo Nordisk — have all shown they’re pulling their advertisements from Pirro’s program, as indicated by The Hollywood Reporter.

President Donald Trump on Sunday approached Fox to bring Pirro back reporting in real time.

Also Monday, the cable news network announced it had hired former Democrat National Committee chair and CNN contributor Donna Brazile as a Fox political commentator.

In an appearance on Dana Perino’s Fox News show Monday, Brazile said that she was joining the network as an opportunity to listen and reach out to the “Fox family” adding: “This is a critical period in our country. It’s a time for dialogue, it’s a time for civility. We’re not going to get ahead by yelling at each other and sending nasty tweets.”


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