Donald Trump Says He Can ‘Relate’ To Federal Workers Who Can’t Pay Bills During Shutdown

“Many of those people agree 100 percent with what I’m doing,” the president, who is a billionaire, said without evidence.


President Donald Trump, one of the most extravagant men in America, needs you to trust he can feel for administrative workers who are attempting to bring home the bacon as the fractional government shutdown heads into the third week.

The shutdown, effectively one of the longest in U.S. history, has left an expected 800,000 government specialists either furloughed or, whenever considered basic, working without pay.

“Mr. President, would you be able to identify with the agony of government specialists who can’t pay their bills?” a correspondent asked Trump outside the White House on Sunday.

“I can relate,” the president reacted. “Also, I’m certain that the general population that is toward the less than desirable end will make modifications, they generally do. Furthermore, they’ll make modifications. Individuals see precisely what’s happening.”

“A considerable lot of those individuals that won’t get a paycheck, a large number of those individuals concur 100 percent with what I’m doing,” he included, without proof.

In spite of the fact that these laborers will probably get back pay after the administration revives, some are attempting to pay lease or purchase perishables. Likewise, government contract workers may never observe retroactive pay.

“The vast majority of us live paycheck to paycheck and can’t bear to be unpaid and still go to work for long. It isn’t reasonable,” a Transportation Security Administration official told HuffPost.

Pay planned to go out next Friday will be postponed if an assertion isn’t come to by midnight on Tuesday, acting White House head of staff Mick Mulvaney said Sunday.

The president has compromised to proceed with the standoff for a considerable length of time “or even years” if Democrats don’t consent to incorporate $5 billion for his since quite a while ago guaranteed U.S.- Mexico outskirt divider in a spending bill to finance government organizations affected by the shutdown. Democrats have ardently dismissed Trump’s interest to support the outskirt divider, which he has promised Mexico would pay to work since the 2016 battle.

Trump case that he can “relate” too fiscally lashed government laborers might be difficult to accept by a few. Despite the fact that he has guaranteed he didn’t acquire his riches, a New York Times investigation in October uncovered he profited enormously from his dad’s land fortune.

“By age 3, he was gaining $200,000 per year in the present dollars from his dad’s domain. He was a mogul by age 8. In his 50s, he was accepting more than $5 million per year,” the Times composed.

The president’s total assets is an expected $3.1 billion, Forbes announced in October.


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